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Youth Karate

Winter Registration now open!

Building on the introductory class to Oriental Martial Arts, using traditional (Okinawan) Shudokan Karate. Students are taught the basics of breathing, stances, balance coordination, awareness, and concentration. The emphasis will be to build on the skills taught in Youth Karate 1. The focus will be on mastering basic techniques and self-defense. Students must have participated in Youth Karate1 and obtain instructor permission.


Karate I: The class is an introductory class to Shudokan Karate. The class focuses on flexibility, balance, and basic techniques. The class will teach stances, blocking, striking, and kicking techniques. Participants are to dress in loose-fit workout clothing and no jewelry.



Karate 1 – Ages 6-10 | Mondays | Jan 9th – March 13th | 5:30pm – 6:15pm | $40.00 & $50.00

Karate 2 – Ages 11-15 | Mondays | Jan 9th – March 13th | 6:15pm – 7:00pm | $50.00 & $62.50

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